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There are many types and styles of accessories on the market that are fully compatible with Byan Systems' equipment. Several types of accessories are listed here. For more information, please call Byan Systems at(307) 334-2865.

Radio Controls. Code Compatible radio recievers and transmiters for easy gate access control.

Telephone Entry Systems. The Byan Systems product line is compatible with all telephone entry systems on the market.

Loop Vehicle Detectors. A loop buried in the driveway that emits an electrical field. Any disturbance of this field is responded to by the loop detector. This permits the property owner, in his or her vehicle, free exit of the premises. When the loops are buried in the vicinity of the gate leafs or between the gate posts, the loop detector will act as a safety feature, reversing the gate leafs back open when the operators are in the closing cycle.

Free Exit Probe. An easily installed sensor probe that can be mounted above or below the ground at the side of the driveway, which will allow free exit from the property.

Infared Photo Cell. Consisting of a small transmitter and reciever mounting in line-of-sight, the photo cell can be used as a safety, reversing or opening device.

Sensing Edges. A touch activated, sensing edge can be mounted to the gate leafs, sending an electrical signal to the Byan Systems control board to open the gate leaf when the operator is in the closing cycle.

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