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-  G2M Classic Board Information  -

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This electronic control unit is suitable for single phase motors, and can drive up  to two different motors. There is leaf delay incorporated with the use of a plug-in  card. Nine dip switches can select some different options of the control unit. 

There are three completely adjustable timing potentiometers on the control  board: opening time, closing time, and automatic closing time (delay between full  open and start to close). One dip switch can double all these times. 

Reverse: On first activation, this button makes the gate open. Subsequent use will reverse the movement of the operator. While the gate is completely open, activation will make the gate close.
Open: Used only to open the gate.
Close: Used only to close the gate.
Stop: Stops the opening/closing of the gate.

T2M Leaf Delay Card

The T2M Leaf Delay Card will control the opening and closing of the second leaf in a two-leaf gate system. With the card installed and the potentiometers adjusted, the first gate leaf will open first followed by the second when an OPEN command is issued. When a CLOSE command is issued, the second leaf will close first followed by the first leaf. There are two adjustable potentiometers on the card. The Open Delay Timer sets the delay between the opening of the first leaf and the opening of the second leaf. The Close Delay timer sets the delay between the closing of the second leaf and the closing of the first leaf. There are also inputs on the card for Open and Close Limit switches for the second leaf, if limit switches are required.

Adjustable Timers:
Red: Opening timer that controls the opening time.
Yellow: Automatic closing timer. When the gate is opened, the timer is activated. After a programmed time, the gate will automatically close.
Blue: Closing timer that controls the closing time.
The panel contains a built-in timer of 2 seconds to stop the operator when a reversing activation occurs.

Open/Close Limit Switches: These switches stop the opening/closing. Remove two jumper wires if used.

Safety Contact: To branch a photocell or sense output from a loop detector or reversing edge. The result is a reverse of movement during closing time. Not active when opening.

Electric Lock Output: 24 volt pulsed output (12 volt if required). Two selectable times: Short Pulse (1 sec.) or Long Pulse (8 sec.).

External Light Timer, Contact Output: This output provides a N.O. pulse contact to start the activation of a light timer when opening.

Optional Plug-In Cards: RTC (Remote and Decoder Control Card) or DTC (Decoder Control Card). These cards allow for connecting digital keyboards and magnetic key readers to the panel. RTC is also a receiver card.

Flashing Light Card: Provides a flashing contact before and during opening/closing.

Traffic Light Card: Controls a red/green traffic light.

Alarm Output Card: Provides an alarm contact (N.C. and N.O.) when the gate is manually opened during standby position or when a second car tries to pass after an allowed user (if option 7 is selected).

Thermal Contact: Many motors provide an N.C. contact output when motor temperature increases to a predetermined setting. This activation stops all functions when the motor hits that high-temperature setting.

Power Output: You can connect motors until you reach a total valve of 1/2 HP.

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