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-  G2M+ Industrial Control Board and Pre-wire  -


This microprocessor can function with just about all accessories that are currently on the market.

Reverse: On first activation, this button makes the gate open. Subsequent use will reverse the movement of the operator. While the gate is completely open, activation will make the gate close.
Open: Used only to open the gate.
Close: Used only to close the gate.
Stop: Stops the opening/closing of the gate.

Adjustable Timers:
Red: Opening timer that controls the opening time.
Yellow: Automatic closing timer. When the gate is opened, the timer is activated. After a programmed time, the gate will automatically close.
Blue: Closing timer that controls the closing time.
The panel contains a built-in timer of 2 seconds to stop the operator when a reversing activation occurs.

Open/Close Limit Switches: These switches stop the opening/closing. Remove two jumper wires if used.

Safety Contact: To branch a photocell or sense output from a loop detector or reversing edge. The result is a reverse of movement during closing time. Not active when opening.

Electric Lock Output: 24 volt pulsed output (12 volt if required). Two selectable times: Short Pulse (1 sec.) or Long Pulse (8 sec.).

External Light Timer, Contact Output: This output provides a N.O. pulse contact to start the activation of a light timer when opening.

Optional Plug-In Cards: RTC (Remote and Decoder Control Card) or DTC (Decoder Control Card). These cards allow for connecting digital keyboards and magnetic key readers to the panel. RTC is also a receiver card.

Flashing Light Card: Provides a flashing contact before and during opening/closing.

Traffic Light Card: Controls a red/green traffic light.

Alarm Output Card: Provides an alarm contact (N.C. and N.O.) when the gate is manually opened during standby position or when a second car tries to pass after an allowed user (if option 7 is selected).

Thermal Contact: Many motors provide an N.C. contact output when motor temperature increases to a predetermined setting. This activation stops all functions when the motor hits that high-temperature setting.

Power Output: You can connect motors until you reach a total valve of 1/2 HP.

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