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hydraulic fluid - lift gate hydraulic fluid

As with any hydraulic component one of the major items that ensures quality and durability for the component is the hydraulic fluid itself. If the wrong fluid is used, the unit will not perform as designed, reducing longevity, increasing maintenance and overall cost of the unit.


Hydraulic Fluid is made up of base oils and/or minerals and is specifically designed to lubricate moving parts, absorb and disperse heat, while minimizing and/or eliminating changes in viscosity. At BYAN Systems, Inc. we currently have two hydraulic oils that are approved for our operators by meeting or exceeding the manufacturers required standards. These oils are required to be used in our operators in order to maintain our offered warranty. These oils are specific in design for our operators. They include special additives that increase the VI Index of the oil, allowing for operation at higher temperatures for a longer period of time. Byan Systems approved oils should never be mixed together or with any other hydraulic oil. Mixing of hydraulic fluids is known to cause gelling, corrosion, pitting and seal damage. These damages can cause costly repairs to the operator and WILL VOID the BYAN Systems offered warranty. If fluid changes are needed, please send the operators in to our facility for an oil change or if the fluid will be changed in the field, please be sure to drain the unit entirely before refiling with one of the approved oils to avoid mixing. If hydraulic fluid has been mixed or the wrong hydraulic fluid has been used, the unit should be sent in for repair to ensure the longevity and continued operation of the unit.

Our current approved Hydraulic oils are listed below with their specification sheets and can be purchased in quart or gallon sized containers. Other Hydraulic oils are often being reviewed and field tested and will be listed, as approved, if our standards are met.

If you have any questions about BYAN Systems required hydraulic oils, please reach out to a member of our team via phone or email.


Hydraulic Oil Specifications and requirements Including the mixing of oils or use of unapproved oils will be enforced on all new, refurbished and repaired operators that are shipped from Byan Systems, on or after April 01st, 2022. This will not apply


retroactively to operators sold or repaired prior to April 01, 2022 they will continue to be serviced and warrantied on a case by case basis.


Please note when reviewing temperature requirements: Temperature ranges listed applies to the temperature of the oil, not the ambient temperature. The ambient temperature can be lower than the operating temperature.


Approved Oils:



-  RENOLIN MR 2835  -


Our Standard Hydraulic Oil that comes in every unit. (Brown/Gold Color). This oil is specifically manufactured for BYAN Systems operators and includes special additives to prevent oil breakdown in high temperatures / heavy use.  This oil is not available in the United States and is imported by BYAN Systems, Inc. and is available for purchase from BYAN Systems, exclusively. 

Oil Temperature Range: -40F _ 180F

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An extreme weather Hydraulic Oil that can be substituted for our standard oil when extreme cold temperatures may be present.  (Red Color).  This Oil is a synthetic blend and replaces the original Cold weather oil Aero-Shell 4 which has been discontinued by Shell Oil.  This oil is available from BYAN Systems, Inc. and from your local Shell Oil Distributor.

Oil Temperature Range: -54C _ 135C

Oil Temperature Range: -65.2F _ 275F


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