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Providing the highest quality automated gates since 1991, Byan Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of swing gate, slide operators and access control products. We are the leading innovators in the field of gate operators and pre-wire controls. We are #1 in security, safety, endurance and reliability: assisting you in perimeter security.

The Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators are ETL Listed to UL Standard 325 specifications.

Byan Systems Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators are self contained units, which keep contaminants out of the hydraulic fluid. We use specially formulated hydraulic fluid for extreme temperatures Color options are available to compliment your gates.

• Flow Control for speed adjustment
• Built-in slow down on the last ¾” of piston’s travel
• Check valve assemblies are standard to prevent gate drifting
• Adjustable pressures help with heavy gates or wind loads
• No need for installation of physical stops provides savings in parts and labor
• Optional adjustable hardware makes installation easier

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