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-  Q2MNB Control Board Byan Systems  -



Control panel powered at 230V with integrated radio designed to control 2 motors (electromechanical or hydraulic). Programming allows different offset times in opening and closing, force regulation and buffer stop at the end of opening or closing operation, with led indications for inputs. It is compatible with an extra radio by SRT Band and SRT card respectively.


Automatic manoeuvres are carried out using the START, STOP, PED, switches and if required using the radio buttons.

The manoeuvre finishes under any of the following conditions: by activating the corresponding End of Process or due to working time finishing.

Activating STOP will immediately stop the manoeuvre and new instructions will be required to start again.

Activating the Safety Contact during the closing manoeuvre will cause the inverse, activating the opening manoeuvre.

The contact for Garage Light is activated 0,5 sec. before starting the opening manoeuvre and deactivated 3 min. after starting.

To regulate engine power selected in POWER regulator, is applied after 2 sec. from starting the manoeuvre.

Suspension time (selected in the working time programme) is the time before finishing the manoeuvre that the engine will work in suspension mode. In POWER SLOW we can select engine speed in suspension period when I7 is ON.

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