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-  M4 Electro-Mechanical Slide Operator  -


The M4 is a strong and dependable rack and pinion gate operator. This model was designed to operate with precision under the most demanding conditions. It is suitable for commercial and residential use and is rated for continous duty with adjustable opening and closing pressures. The M4 has an automatic bypass for operation in the event of a power outage.

Our unique rack and pinion design does not allow for the rack to disengage from the operator. The high-torque motor floats with the gate so that even an 8 inch crown in the driveway will not disengage the operator.

Our design is the most powerful model in its category. The variable pressure design can be adapted to the required pressure simply by regulating limiter valves. By regulating the power to a suitable level, the operator can move gently but firmly. The gate can even be stopped manually when in motion.

All units are equipped with a thermal probe, which, in the event of overheating, ensures that by cutting off the power supply the operation is interrupted.

The M4 has no exposed chains or linkage to detract from the gate's visual appearance.

Units are also available in black, bronze, gray, green and red. Colors are subject to an additional charge.

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