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Government Grade
Security & Quality 

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Byan Systems has been providing the highest quality automated gate systems since 1991. The leading innovator and gate systems supplier in the field of linear hydraulic swing gate operators and prewire controls. Our hydraulic gate operators are capable of installations ranging from private residential to heavy continuous duty cycle commercial applications. Our products are ETL listed and comply with the latest requirements designated by UL325.

We offer a vast array of gate accessories to support and complement our products. The Byan Systems line is unsurpassed in quality, performance and reliability. The technical assistance provided is unequalled in the industry. We offer a 3 year warranty on new operators. Byan Systems consistently strives to offer superior customer service.

Security, Safety, Endurance, Reliability.





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We ship our products throughout North America, through our distributor network.

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- Gate accessories & products  -

We have operators for virtually any swing or horizontal slide application and our entire product line features our legendary, 12-Month Warranty. Our gate products are UL-325 and ETL certified. All hydraulic gate operators in the Eliminator Series (pictured below) need no positive stops. The operator automatically slows the gate during the final 5 degrees of motion.

Hydraulic Operators


500 Series Operator

Hydraulic System

The 500 Series is a residential swing gate operator. As a light-duty operator, it should be subject to no more than 60 cycles per hour.


800/900 Long Series Operator

Hydraulic System

This operator is normally used in applications where the gate column is too large in diameter for normal mounting dimensions or in applications where an insert cannot be mounted in the column.


600 Series Operator

Hydraulic System

The 600 Series is a residential and medium-duty commercial operator for applications that require 100 cycles per hour or less.


1100 Series Operator

Hydraulic System

*Product has been discontinued and limited parts are available.

The drive unit for the gate is buried with the drive center line within the gate hinges. This installation allows for a completely invisible system.


800/900 Series Operator

Hydraulic System

800/900 Standard Operator. This operator can be used for most applications. The gate leaf cannot exceed 16 feet. It will open a gate with a 90 degree swing in 12 seconds and close the gate in 14 seconds.

Enclosures and Processors


Pre-Wired Enclosures

Enclosures and Processors

We offer 3 different standard enclosures for your microprocessor. Other sizes and specifications can be created by special order.


Q2MNB Board

Enclosures and Processors

Control panel powered at 230V with integrated radio designed to control 2 motors (electromechanical or hydraulic). Programming allows different offset times in opening and closing

G2M Classic Board Design Byan Systems Inc_edited.jpg

G2M Classic Control
Board and Pre-wire

Enclosures and Processors

The G2M is a single phase, microprocessor controlled unit. It can control up to two ¾-hp, 115-volt or 220-volt AC motors.


Industrial ControlBoard and Pre-wire

Enclosures and Processors

This board is suitable for single-phasemotors and can drive up to two differentmotors at once.

Learn More >

G2M+ Industrial Control
Board and Pre-wire

Enclosures and Processors

This board is suitable for single-phase
motors and can drive up to two different
motors at once.

Slider Series

Battery Back-Up Products


M4 Electro-Mechanical Slide Operator


The Byan Systems M4 is a rack and pinion electro-mechanical slide operator. This operator is capable of movement,
allowing it to follow the terrain.


SBBI Superior Battery  Backup

Battery Backup Box

It automatically keeps your gate’s battery fully charged. This battery backup is capable of running a single-gate system (using either one or two operators) or a double-gate system (using either two or four operators).

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We ship our products across the USA with installation distributors.


Jimmy Morrow

Mobile header background.jpg

In today’s world there are so many things that disappoint us, but Byan Systems has never disappointed me, not once, in over 20 years.  Your product is reliable which translates into years of happy customers and many hours of saved time for me.  And whenever anything has ever needed to be addressed you have always handled it immediately and thoroughly.


I explain all of this in detail to every potential customer who gives me a chance to quote a project.

At the end of this incredibly crappy year I am extremely thankful for your company and each person involved with it. We all get more unhappy comments for every happy comment but it’s only because happy people are less vocal, so on behalf of your countless happy but silent customers I say “thank you.”

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Real people real reviews, Google verified and recommended company for gate openers. 

We stand behind our product with loyal fully satisfied customers all over America.

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